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Category: Big Data & Data Science

Business Intelligence

How Big Data supports better decision-making

Startups to multinational corporations meet informed business decisions relying on the data they collect or buy. Having become so precious (dubbed “the oil of the 21st century), businesses can't afford to miss any of it and therefore record everything. The collected datasets can afterwards be used to get meaningful insights on almost anything – sales forecasting, surveys, customer satisfaction(CSAT) or employee performance.

How and why we’re adding Machine Learning to our services

Code Runners has always been a data-driven company, and our customers have always been data-aware. Not always did they, however, extract, distill and employ data insights to reach business decisions – and that’s precisely what we helped them streamline. Initially, analytics were done hand-in-hand by statisticians, data scientists and developers – but machine learning has ...

Our CTO shares machine learning examples at ISTA 2017

Our CTO, Dimiter Shalvardjiev, presented our progress in the Machine Learning domain during ISTA2017 last week. The topic of his talk: “Making Sense of Big Data through machine learning and statistical modelling”. Dimiter shared general Machine Learning concepts, loads of examples by companies like Google and Alibaba, but also our subject matter expertise – mainly in ...