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Vendor Selection a PM's task
Glen Khouw


Glen drives the purpose and mission and has over 15 years of experience in senior management roles.

He is a business leader with a track record in enabling rapid profitable growth. Gets things done in boardrooms and on the ground floor operations.

stanimir beremski
Stanimir Beremski

Operations Lead

Stan oversees global operations and ensures that software solutions are tailored to the customers’ needs.

He started his career as a software developer, then moved to management roles and has years of experience in storage, enrichment, use and visualization of different types of data, including text, voice and image.

milen spasov
Milen Spasov

Innovation Lead

Milen oversees the innovation efforts and ensures our professionals’ expertise in the latest proven technologies by knowledge sharing, education and training.

He started his career as a software architect, moved into product development and has years of experience in cross-domain digital transformations of customers.

dimiter s
Dimiter Shalvardjiev

Technology Lead

Dimiter oversees the technological strategy aimed at optimizing the service portfolio.

He started his career as an information security officer and has expanded his expertise to technological developments in the field of data engineering, data security and data ethics solutions.

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