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Data visualisation is not a goal, but a tool
  • Overview

    Data visualization is the key component of any digital journey because it reveals the story of your data in an easy to understand, comprehensive way.

    It facilitates interpreting outcomes of complex data analytics in a fast and easy way.

    Then, an image is worth a thousand words.

  • Benefits

    By choosing to invest in data visualization, you empower your teams to find and share the answers to key business questions.

    Clear dashboards that show a real-time status in one glance, support your decision-making process.

    Sharing sharing knowledge has never been easier.

  • Technology

  • Contact

    Power BI

    Power BI is an industry-leading visualization tool developed by Microsoft, that fits many use cases and is cloud based and enterprise-ready.

    A main advantage of Power BI is its easy-to-use interface, mimicking the well-known Pivot Table functionalities.

    Code Runners is a Microsoft Power BI partner and has integrated the solutions for a list of industry leaders to empower teams to make data driven decisions their everyday mode of operation.

    Custom Visualization

    Data is not always self-explanatory. It might require specific know-how to interpret data.

    We can develop insightful dashboards and assist you in choosing which metrics to visualize and analyse the necessary data for them.

    Maybe you have already opted for one the many available marketing dashboard tools. We can tailor your tool to fit all your needs.

    Your Data Visualization contact

    Milen Spasov, Innovation Lead

    Milen oversees the innovation efforts and ensures our professionals’ expertise in the latest proven technologies by knowledge sharing, education and training.

    He started his career as a software architect, moved into product development and has years of experience in cross-domain digital transformations of customers.