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Some of the industries we work in:

Data analytics and machine learning improve the efficiency and effectiveness in Healthcare in multiple ways: human-aided diagnostics with image recognition or in time delivery of medical devices.

We help marketing & market research leaders with their data-driven decision making by effortless data sourcing, data enrichment and scaling processing efforts resulting in faster, smarter, actionable insights.

We support financial institutions (banking and non-banking) to fulfil their specific data and security needs.

The technology universe expands exponentially and the business need for IT solutions is continuous but is also volatile. We advise and augment IT teams worldwide.

Some of the challenges we tackled:

The Challenge

Our client, a medical devices manufacturer, wanted a better understanding of needs, and buying and engagement patterns, to optimize the way the customers were being served.

A flexible platform had to support the creation of multiple dashboards, custom filters and comprehensive information on complex medical procedures.

The technical challenge was importing and organizing enormous amounts (200 TB+) of heterogeneous data into a single source of truth for delivering insights through advanced analytics.

Our Approach

We conducted thorough research to extract, organize, enrich and load the relevant data in a robust way and to enable numerous custom filters.

We developed a highly customizable platform that shows market projections, brand awareness and provides actionable insights in physician and hospital service levels.

The platform also uses geo data allowing searching by geography as well as by hospitals’ and physicians’ profiles.

The Challenge

The client wanted to increase customer loyalty by providing a unique customer experience and relevant product recommendations. This resulted in a need for a flexible platform with an ecosystem of services, that can be used separately and combined.

Multiple components like refunds, promotions, discounts, billing, and notifications with their respective business logic and separate data storage had to be incorporated.

The application infrastructure needed to be designed and provisioned to support scale.

Our Approach

We implemented a readily extendable service-oriented architecture with each component hosted in Azure Service Fabric.

The services communicate with public web applications synchronously via HTTP or asynchronously – by request buffering (Azure Service Bus/Azure Event Hubs).

Analysis and recommender system with integrated BI and reporting tool combined with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms ensure a tailored customer experience for each individual user.

The build and deployment processes are automated with continuous integration and delivery enabling multiple application updates per day.

The Challenge

Our client wanted a platform that acts as a virtual wallet and enables digital payment transactions.

Fiat-to-virtual-wallet transactions needed to be instant, validated and guarded against fraud through dedicated, self-learning detection algorithms. Information security principles needed to be followed including ISO 27001 and PCI/DSS compliance.

The application infrastructure needed to be designed in such a scalable way that it can process up to 30M transactions per month flawlessly.

Our Approach

We’ve selected a robust backend system, based on an Oracle database and a highly scalable data layer, to serve microservice based applications.

Transactions, validations and fraud detection and prevention are designed and delivered as dedicated standalone miroservices, ready to scale based on load. This approach ensures that the system remains stable during a DDoS or overload attack.

In order to comply with data security and privacy regulation, we’ve adopted a Privacy by Design (PbD) approach.

The Challenge

Our client, a global TV network company, owns multiple channels that are targeted at viewers from different ages, locations, areas of interest etc.

Measuring engagement is key but the large amount of source data originated from separate audience measurement systems with different reporting formats and different data usage complicated comparison and analysis.

The goal was to enable data-driven decision making and optimization across 30 countries, 120 channels and more than 5000 daily programs.

Our Approach

Our approach was to create a robust, error-immune extraction process, that works with any of the very different data sources in a reliable and stable way.

To ensure correct data comparison a format and structure were designed, and incoming data is transformed.

The transformed data is uploaded to Power BI, enabling end users to create various custom reports and dashboards that result in improved targeting and retention.

...and recognition we received

IT Project of the Year (2017)


Top 25 Software Company (2019)

IT Product of the Year (2017)