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Tag: team management

Business Intelligence

How Big Data supports better decision-making

Startups to multinational corporations meet informed business decisions relying on the data they collect or buy. Having become so precious (dubbed “the oil of the 21st century), businesses can't afford to miss any of it and therefore record everything. The collected datasets can afterwards be used to get meaningful insights on almost anything – sales forecasting, surveys, customer satisfaction(CSAT) or employee performance.
Importance of customer communication

The importance of customer communication

Gaining a customer base is certainly not easy – especially in the very beginning. Even more so, a company can't achieve lasting success or building successful partnerships, if customer needs are not pivotal. If that's not the case, it may turn out that the once happy customers are now dissatisfied - and one by one they would start looking for the services of competitors.

Code Runners becomes a pledger for the European Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

Today Code Runners joined the ranks of the European Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition by pledging to train a minimum of five professionals and equip them with high-level digital skills. By doing so, Code Runners has joined numerous other European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) participating in the #digitalSME4skills campaign launched by the European DIGITAL SME Alliance (DIGITAL ...

How to Successfully Manage a Remote Team

Finding a suitable remote team for your business is only the first step of a successful relationship. What comes next is probably the harder part – creating a habit of working together with humans thousands of miles away. Sure, you have enough tools and apps to communicate with, keep track of and present ideas to ...

How to build a sustainable Ruby on Rails user community

Building a community is definitely not rocket science. However, it requires a certain level of dedication and persistence. It requires commitment – and the desire to plant trees under which shadows you don’t expect to sit. We, at Code Runners, help build Sofia’s Ruby community by organizing regular Ruby/Rails meetups open to both junior and advanced ...