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Category: process

Importance of customer communication

The importance of customer communication

Gaining a customer base is certainly not easy – especially in the very beginning. Even more so, a company can't achieve lasting success or building successful partnerships, if customer needs are not pivotal. If that's not the case, it may turn out that the once happy customers are now dissatisfied - and one by one they would start looking for the services of competitors.

Serverless Security And Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS)

When building a “serverless” application, have you considered the information security implications you may run into? Serverless (not to be mistaken for FaaS, a key building block) is great when you consider the single responsibility, stateless/ephemeral concept of your code and scalable, event-driven architecture. These may warrant good, secure by design practices when you consider ...

We are partnering with the SEnDIng project

Empowering our workforce through educational initiatives has been a prime directive for our company – even more so, when the topics are related to Data science or Internet of Things. It’s Code Runners’ fundamental belief that data analytics will be a major engine of growth for organizations and industries alike, while, IoT would transform our ...

How and why we’re adding Machine Learning to our services

Code Runners has always been a data-driven company, and our customers have always been data-aware. Not always did they, however, extract, distill and employ data insights to reach business decisions – and that’s precisely what we helped them streamline. Initially, analytics were done hand-in-hand by statisticians, data scientists and developers – but machine learning has ...