Our Team

  • Milen Spasov

    Chief Executive Officer

    Milen has a degree in Information Technology and Industrial Management. His work experience includes a career in electronics and embedded systems design for the automobile industry, working as a senior software architect for industry leaders Johnson Controls and Continental. Having real-world knowledge of the software industry, he is now overseeing the execution of our projects.

  • Dimiter Shalvardjiev

    Chief Technical Officer

    Dimiter has a degree in Informatics, his work experience including a career in computer networking and information security. At HP, working as an information security consultant, Dimiter provided insight to the C level executives of Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia, AON, Centrica. He also has a background in Healthcare, where he consulted the likes of Philips, Pfizer and ThermoFisher.

  • Rumen Manev

    Business developer

    Rumen received his Bachelor degree in Business administration from Sofia University, after which he gained experience in business development in the FMCG sector. His interest in business creation and growth lead him to Sweden, where he studied Master in Strategic entrepreneurship at Jönköping University. He likes to get involved in the local startup community by taking on various side projects.

  • Cvetina Hantova

    Senior Web Developer

    Cvetina has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence from the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She has worked in the development of mobile applications for almost 3 years but now she is really looking forward to dig deep into various web technologies.