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Category: product management

Customer communication

The importance of customer communication

Gaining a customer base is certainly not easy – especially in the very beginning. Even more so, a company can't achieve lasting success or building successful partnerships, if customer needs are not pivotal. If that's not the case, it may turn out that the once happy customers are now dissatisfied - and one by one they would start looking for the services of competitors.

Serverless Security And Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS)

When building a “serverless” application, have you considered the information security implications you may run into? Serverless (not to be mistaken for FaaS, a key building block) is great when you consider the single responsibility, stateless/ephemeral concept of your code and scalable, event-driven architecture. These may warrant good, secure by design practices when you consider ...

Progressive web applications (PWAs) take on mobile web

Initially, there were mobile web applications and native applications. Native, however, has always been expensive and complex – mainly because of the variety of operating systems and screen size. Soon browsers packaged as pseudo-apps mimicked native applications – but those were bad at recreating realisitic, low-lag, low-jitter, native-like experience. Shortly afterwards followed JS frameworks that ...

We’re in the news!

Picture a regular Monday morning, arriving at the office, ready to tackle the day ahead. Then the newspaper we’re subscribed for comes in. It’s Computerworld, a weekly newspaper covering the most important news from the IT industry in the region. A colleague starts browsing through the pages, pauses, lifts his head and shows me screenshots ...