What is a marketing dashboard?

Different types of dashboards offer different information and can be useful throughout various teams in an organization.
A marketing dashboard is a specific type of tool, which calculatesand visualizes KPIs, important for the CMO, Marketing manager and the marketing department as a whole.
The metrics a dashboard shows can be customized according to specific needs. There are several KPIs that the modern marketing dashboard must have, but it all comes down to one thing –ROI.

Single source of truth dashboard

SST dash

Marketing teams by definition employ a plethora of data sources in their day-to-day activities. We want to disrupt the way that information is accessed: instead of switching from source to source, we’d like to offer a single source of marketing insight.

Our holistic approach encompasses the whole lifecycle starting from marketing investment and ending with sales: the whole purchase funnel is covered. Awareness ( ATL, BTL), Consideration (Competitive scorecard, Go-to market strategy, Business intelligence), Purchase (Customer loyalty, Brand performance, Customer experience) are all reported – and marketing effectiveness is calculated. All available online, in our SST dashboard!

The gap to your product success is bridged by facts, not assumptions.