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Code Runners

Customer loyalty program

The platform brings together customers and retailers from a specific region with tailored offerings and unique cashback for each product. It enables customer loyalty for both on- and offline purchasing, covering the whole sales process.

Bank reputation dashboard

ING wanted to have their market research results visualized in a clear and understandable way. We achieved just that, while simultaneously creating user-friendly access to various slices and dices.

NPS dashboard

This dashboard visualizes the results of a Net Promoter Score study, a marketing study used to assess brand strengths and weaknesses in highly competitive (usually fragmented markets). NPS measures the loyalty that exists between a company and a consumer. Even though traditional NPS visualization is established for years now, we were challenged to visualize data ...

Document management system

We developed a customized internal document management system for one of our international clients. Since the company is present in 31 countries and active in 6 major global industries, it has a vast number and diversity of documents that need to be accessed by different departments in different geographical regions. The challenge was to index all ...

Next generation NPS tool

An internal software system for measuring the Net Promoter Score (NPS). As a management tool, the NPS can have a significant effect on the revenue growth, giving the company an accurate depiction of its customer relationships. The tool contains: – A complete, end-to-end workflow system – A Survey / Questionnaire development functionality – Automated surveys ...